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Hello, world! My name is

Dennis Griffin

A full-stack web developer eagerly looking forward to building your personal or business website.

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Full-stack web developer with 6+ years of experience in developing front-end, back-end and full-stack web applications; built on a bedrock of 15+ years of experience in computer programming in general.

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To freelance and to seek a position in an exciting company in the field of web development. I'm from Southwest Michigan, but I'm more than willing to work remotely, as well!

I look forward to you checking out my work, and to working with you, too!


Experience with developing website and web application frontends featuring robust user interfaces and user experiences, approached with a mobile-first responsive design philosophy.

My Frontend Stack:

HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript (ES6+), React.JS, Next.JS (full-stack)


Expreience with developing web application backends featuring CRUD operations, database management and the best security and passwordless-authentication practices.

My Backend Stack:

Node.JS, Express.JS, MongoDB via Mongoose, Passport.JS, Next.JS

My Projects

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Border Radius Previewer

Border Radius Previewer

A simple web app allowing users to manipulate the CSS3 border-raduis property of a box.

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript ES6, React.JS
Category: Frontend

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American-British Translator

My implement of FreeCodeCamp's "American-British Translator" challenge, built on a scaffolding provided by FCC. This project showcases the translation of American-English dialect into British-English and vice versa. Features passing unit and functional tests and a strategy on unit test abstraction.

Stack: Node.JS, Express.JS, Chai, Mocha
Category: Backend

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Intro Component With Signup Form

Intro Component With Signup Form

My implementation of the 'Intro Component With Signup Form' challenge. Features input validation with regular expressions.

Stack: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
Category: Frontend

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Wikipedia Search Viewer

Wikipedia Search Viewer

This site allows you to search for Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia's API will fetch the articles for you.

Stack: Javascript, JQuery
Category: Frontend

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